Advanced logistic module
for Prestashop with Swiss Post

Manage your packages

One order doesn't mean one package anymore. For one order create as many packages as you need with a really easy interface to use.

Generate trackings

By using the «Barcode» web service from Swiss Post, generate as many tracking codes as you need for packages, enveloppes or to send abroad.

Trace everything

You order's status changes automatically when the package is scanned by Swiss Post. Your customers get an email with the link to track their shipment.
  • Work less,
    do more

    All the tools are here to make your life easier. You can generate tracking codes massively then use the «Quick Print» tool to recover all the shipment slips you have generated in a simple click.

    Keep track of the automatic procedures done by the module with its powerful log engine

  • Exactly where you need
    when you need it

    Each functionnality hooks itself exactly where the native Prestashop options are. Do you want to manage the packages for an order? Look inside the orders themselves. Do you want to create a GAS trackng code for a merchandise return? Look inside the merchandise returns itself. You got the idea!

  • Simple things,
    huge improvement

    Because it's not only about generating barcode, it's about improving your buisness efficiency. Some small changes can make a huge difference like for example the smart filter selection for the order's statuses. Instead of having massive list of order's statuses you now only have the used one. Why displaying all of them if there isn't any order using them?

  • Better for you and
    your customers

    Tracking your packages is not only a safety for you, making sure you didn't forget anything in the warehouse or checking if the customer signed for the package is also a safety for your customers. They recieve an email directly when the package has been scanned by Swiss Post with the tracking number. So they will know when the package is supposed to arrive or they can even delay the delivery by contacting Swiss Post if required.

  • Real time
    stock management

    If you want to allow out of stock orders in your shop this module will tell you which order you can send or not to the customers. By default Prestashop compare the stock to a fixed point.
    Example: Order#1 with 3xitem#5. If there is only 2xitem#5 in stock this order will appear as out of stock and also all the next ones. But with this module if after the Order#1 you have Order#2 with 2xitem#5 Order#2 will be shown as ready to go as there are 2 items available. It's now a «real time» stock management system

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    work more efficiently

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    In the right place

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    Details are important

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    Better for the customers

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    Real time stock management

A video is worth more than a thousand words

Package management

A quick demonstration about how you can quickly edit your packages if you need more than one for an order

  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop interface
  • An infinity of packages
  • Split quantities
  • Tracking generation
  • Smothly integrated inside the orders

Massive barcode generation

Do you recieve a lot of orders? Do you use the same Swiss Post services to send them? If so, this is made for you.

  • Easy to use
  • Highly improved efficiency
  • Live progression
  • Detailed results for each order
  • Smothly integrated inside the orders list

RMA tracking

A customer has to return some merchandise? Generate a tracking for him and follow it

  • Easy to use
  • Keep track of the customers shipments
  • Customer sastisfaction highly improved
  • Smothly integrated inside the return orders

Quick print

Once you are done generating all the tracking codes you can print them all at once.

  • Easy to use
  • Highly improved efficiency
  • Display of the amount of packages found
  • Multiple output methods
  • Security to prevent multiple printings
  • Option to bypass the security

Manage your favorites

Define your most used services while configuring the module.

  • Easy to use
  • Define the most used services
  • Smothly integrated inside the configuration
  • Generate your tracking codes even quicker